Ekaterina A. Krivonosova

Micro-Arc Oxidation of Aluminum Alloy
Ekaterina Krivonosova, Alexandr Gorchakov, Ilya Ponomarev

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Micro-arc oxidation (MAO) technology allows getting ceramic coatings of Al2O3 with composition, structure and properties controlled over a wide range and using them as wear-resistant, corrosion- resistant, heat- resistant ...  read more

Fractal geometry in metallurgy of welding and coatings
Ekaterina A. Krivonosova, Ekaterina K. Krivonosova, Dmitry N. Trushnikov, Ilya S. Ponomarev

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Application of new methods for the description of structure of metals and alloys, the identification of new quantitative structure-morphology tours are especially important to establish the relationship “structure – ...  read more