Dmitry Trushnikov

EBW process control on the basis of solving the inverse problem of the keyhole form reconstruction
Dmitriy Trushnikov, Elena Krotova, Nikolay Musikhin

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The direct and inverse problems of keyhole shape reconstruction through the accompanying Xray bremsstrahlung were formulated. It was shown that the inverse problem of reconstruction of channel penetration is reduced to the ...  read more

Characteristics of plasma generated during electron beam welding
Georgi M. Mladenov, Dmitriy N. Trushnikov, Elena G. Koleva, Vladimir Ya. Belenkiy

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Electron beam is at the forefront of welding technology. The choice of optimal welding modes, monitoring the weld quality and/or detecting weld defects in real-time during the electron beam welding process using nondestructive, ...  read more