Dimitar Todorov

Model-Based Quality Optimization of EBW of steel
Elena Koleva, Dmitriy Trushnikov, Vladimir Belenkiy, Georgi Mladenov, Stefan Angelov, Dimitar Todorov

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Experimental results (four series of experiments) for EBW of two types of steel – high strength steel of 38Cr2Ni2Mo type and stainless steel are obtained and used for the estimation of models, describing the dependencies ...  read more

Electron Beam Characterization at Changes of EBW Process Parameters
Elena Koleva, Georgi Mladenov, Marin Kardjiev, Dimitar Todorov

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The characterization of the radial and the angular space distribution of particle trajectories (or respective current distributions) in powerful electron beams is an actual scientific and practical task, connected with the ...  read more