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The old news in 2019 in infrastructure and network legislation
Kamena Tsaneva, Darina Stoyanova

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The article discusses old news in the Bulgarian 2019 infrastructure and network legislation.

Старите новости през 2019 в инфраструктурното и мрежовото законодателство.

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Review for choosing the correct BLDC controller
Vasil Vasilev, Emil Vladkov

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The article presents a review of how to pick or design the correct most cost-effective BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor controller to fit the needs of the project. After a brief overview of the history and presenting ...  read more

Weather station for smart home applications
Filip Andonov, Georgi Petrov

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This report presents the development of a free hardware project for climatic and environmental home monitoring station with applications in smart homes (and greenhouses). Specific implementation uses open hardware platforms ...  read more

Towards autonomous hardware and software in data base management systems
Krassimira Schwertner

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The complexity of the Data Base hardware and software increases rapidly. It is hard task and also human resources consuming activity to keep the data household running, updating and upgrading it and also to take care for the ...  read more

GDPR entrapments. Proactive and reactive (re)design thinking.
Willian Dimitrov

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It’s clear that GDPR is leading to an explosion of business opportunities. Companies attempting to develop their own IT innovations are quickly learning that providing safe, secure, privacy-sensitive data interactions is ...  read more

From electrica to invariant automatica (Or how to use the knowledge about Theory of electricity for enter into Theory of invariant automatic control). Part two: Electromechanical dualism. Universality of energetic equations.
Milan Stankov

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От електрика към инвариантна автоматика (или как да използваме познанията си по „Теоретична eлектротехника“ за да вникнем ...  read more

Thermophysical simulation of thermoelectric cooling system
Ivaylo Belovski, Boris Evstatiev, Anatoliy Alexandrov

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The main active element in thermoelectric cooling systems is Peltier module. Its action is based on the Peltier effect, which results in the conversion of electrical power into a temperature gradient. This article presents ...  read more

Impulse control of a DC motor with active driver circuit
Ivan P. Tanev, Svetoslav Cv. Ivanov

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This paper describes a study and the results obtained from the implementation of pulse control over a DC motor by means of both a conventional and an active driver for controlling the powerful MOSFET. The studied active driver ...  read more

A study on 3D printing technologies and their applications
Ivanka Tsvetkova, Plamen Zahariev

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3D printing turns digital 3D models into solid objects by building them up in layers. The technology was first invented in the 1980s, and since that time has been used for rapid prototyping. Currently, it is possible to 3D ...  read more

Challenges for providing security in the Internet of things
Tsvetomir Gyuretsov, Jordan Raychev, Georgi Hristov, Plamen Zahariev

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The cyber security issues and problems worry many developers around the globe. After the Internet of Things (IoT) concepts were announced, many companies around the world have focused their work on the developing of new ways ...  read more