Anton Teresov

Electron-ion-plasma equipment for surface modification of materials
Anton D. Teresov, Vladimir V. Shugurov, Vladimir N. Devyatkov, Nikolay N. Koval, Yuriy F. Ivanov

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A laboratory installation designed for research in the field of surface engineering of metal and ceramic materials was developed and created. In the installation, it is possible to conduct successive processes of arc ion-plasma ...  read more

Pulsed electron beams for surface finish of laser or electron beam sintered metal articles
Anton D. Teresov, Nikolai N. Koval, Yuri F. Ivanov, Elizaveta A. Petrikova

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The paper presents research results on pulsed electron beam surface finish of porous metal articles obtained by selective powder sintering. On the example of VT6 alloy, it is shown that surface finish with a pulsed electron ...  read more