Alexey Goncharov

Technological Electron Beams Parameters Evaluation Based on the Optical Radiation in Vacuum
Alexey L. Goncharov, Victor K. Dragunov, Andrey P. Sliva, Maksim A. Portnov, Alexey V. Scherbakov, Ivan S. Сhulkov

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The work is devoted to exploring the determining possibilities of the high-power technology electron beams parameters by the beam glow image on the residual gases in the vacuum chamber. Digital camera is used to make images in the visible spectrum.

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Electron Beam Welding of the Elements Module Blanket ITER
Electron Beam Welding of the Elements Module Blanket ITER

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The article is devoted to research of electron beam welding construction elements for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor in National Resesrch University “Mocow Power Engineering Institute”. It reviews design ...  read more

Modern Problems and Development Methods of Electron Beam Welding Systems
Alexey V. Shcherbakov, Alexey L. Goncharov, Alexey S. Kozhechenko, Alexey K. Gordenko, Andrei P. Sliva, Vladimir N. Balashov, Victor K. Dragunov, Viktor P. Rubtsov

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At present the area of industrial application of electron beam technology is constantly expanding. Today, there are new materials, technologies and standards, and thus approaches to the design of electron beam systems must ...  read more

EBW technology of combined bandage of high-speed electric machine rotor
Victor K. Dragunov, Andrey P. Sliva, Egor V. Terentyev, Alexey L. Goncharov, Artem Yu. Marchenkov, Maxim A. Portnov

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Welding technology for the high-speed rotor combined bandage made of dissimilar ferromagnetic and paramagnetic alloys is developed. The possibility of high-quality welded joints obtaining with the free weld root formation ...  read more